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Feed Them If You Dare!

Join us for a story of innocence and chaos in the wilderness - where a simple act of kindness leads to unforgettable mayhem and a lesson for the young and the young at heart.

First captured in the camping journals of two elementary school adventurers, Gimme, Gimme Moocher Marmots, recounts what happens when good marmots go bad.

Lively watercolor illustrations and rhythmic verse make it ideal for story time, especially when camping or traveling the countryside where "good" marmots live happily, as long as we mind the rules.

Cindy Burchfield brings this story to life with her charming, yet mischievous characters based on the marmots of the Rocky Mountains and Alaska where she lives.

Finding Moocher Marmots

Watch for the release of Gimme, Gimme Moocher Marmots before the Holidays at:



Juneau Artists Gallery, Juneau, Alaska

Gallery of the North, Juneau, Alaska

Juneau-Alaska Public Market, Centennial Hall, Juneau, Alaska

or order an advance copy by emailing lostinalaska@gci.net


Available in Hardback and Paperback

From the Book

Gimme, Gimme Moocher Marmots. 

I confess I fed the varmints and to this day I'll not forget the price I had to pay for it.


For Moocher Marmots are unique. "We don't care for grass," they squeak. "We prefer things in wrappers often shared by friendly campers."


Into my cooler they did dive and not a wiener would survive.  For my tent I did flee. Eat all you want, but please spare me.


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